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About the Farm

The property has been in our family since 1806. Owners, Jim and Wendy Schumaker, are the 6th generation to live on, and work the farm. We are proud to be designated as a Century Farm by the Ohio State Agriculture Department. This is a working farm, where we raise our own sweet corn, field corn, soybeans and pumpkins.

Now Available:

Schumaker Farms award winning Sweet Bar-B-Q sauce is quite versatile. Enjoy it on:

- Ribs (It is best applied towards the end of the cooking cycle to prevent burn.)
- Meatballs
- Meatloaf
- Chicken
- Pork Roast & Sausage
- Roast Beef
- Hot Dogs
- Hamburgers
- Shrimp Kabobs (Baste shrimp for the final 1 minute of cooking.)
- Add it to your favorite variety of prepared baked beans, just before baking.
- Substitute it for catsup to add flavor to on your favorite sandwiches.